Commercial Premises

On Location

Interior photography for businesses,

pubs, bars restaurants and hotels.

Moving house, advertising to rent?

Have us visit and take some quality photographs to show it off at its best.

Setup fee and 1st hour  -  £85

Additional time per hour  -  £30

Processing per selected image  -  £3

Please see the top of the retouching page
here to see examples of what we do


Additional Photo


CD of images - writing cost  -  £10

per additional CD  -  £4

DVD slideshow - writing cost  -  £25

per additional DVD  -  £10


Portrait Image Retouching*

Please see the middle of the retouching

page here to see examples of what we do.

Subtle - Low level retouch -  £10  

Magazine - Medium level retouch -  £20

Glamour - High level retouch  -  £30


Commercial Photo


Please see the bottom of the retouching

page here to see examples of what we do.

Email for further details.

  1. *Evaluation based on image quality and amount of retouching required.



On Location

At a location of your choice covering East

Sussex and surrounding areas. In the comfort

of your own home or head out to the beach or local park for some great portraits.

What ever you want, we’ll shoot it for you.

Parties, Pets, Products & anything

beginning with any other letters.

Anything considered as long as its legal.

Setup time & 1st hour shooting  -  £85

Additional time per hour  -  £30

Half day 4 hour shoot  -  £150

Full day 8 hour shoot  -  £200

Processing per selected image  -  £3

Please see the retouching page here
to see examples of what we do


Useful for some

Information & Advice

We supply all our images in RGB digital

formats via download. We supply high

resolution files in compressed JPEG file

format, including a lower resolution images

for use on the web and High Res originals.

We use an online delivery system that

will generate a link for you to download

your images directly, for a quick and

simple service. A CD of full resolution

images is available as an extra cost

sent via royal mail special delivery.

You always get what you pay for as with

most things in life. We suggest using a

professional dedicated printing service

like Loxley Colour. The better printing

labs will always colour calibrate your

images individually, rather than the

batch processing you’ll typically get

with the lower cost printers in town

or at the supermarket services.


Product Photos

Home Studio Based*

Photography for catalogues, books, leaflets

and advertisements, anything considered.

Prices based roughly on 3 shots per item to choose from, in a style of you choosing.

Studio lighting Setup per shoot  -  £55

1 – 10  -  £20 per item

21 – 30  -  £18 per item

50 plus  -  £15 per item

100 plus  -  £10 per item

Processing per selected image  -  £3

Please see the retouching page here

to see examples of what we can do.

  1. *Delivery and collection of all items
    are the responsibility of the client.

  1. *Additional studio setup like props etc
    charged at cost by arrangement.


Design & Print


Start to finish design and print service

from logos and company branding

to stationery and advertising.

Email for further details.


Web Design


Getting a presence on the internet is an essential tool for your business these days.

Basic Website design (5 pages)  -  £450

2 year hosting package  -  £85

1 Years Search Engine Optimisation  -  £25

Email for further details.

If your after a basic site like this one, get in touch and we can talk through your needs.




Call: 07990 650817

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Call: 07990 650817

What we do and

The way we work...

We love pets, play nice with kids and shoot anything within our vicinity with passion.

Weddings deserved its own page here.

Book us by the hour, half day or for a

full day, we’ll work our cameras off

gathering as many quality images as

we can for you in the allotted time.

All images from the shoot will be uploaded

to an online gallery, for you to review

and select only the images you want.

Retouching per selected image helps us to

reduce the processing work, speeding up

our turnaround times. This way you receive

a slick speedy service and only pay for processing of the images you want.

We will always discuss your exact

requirements before undertaking any

work and quote fully in advance.

See below for a general idea of the

services we can provide.

Email with a description

of what you’re looking for, it will be our pleasure to help whatever your needs.